Automatic Starter (OS1BK)   $650.00 + shipping

OS1BK Features: Too Loud? Too Bad! Offshore unit is built with an extra measure of weatherproofing.

Unit features a loud dual trumpet horn, a sealed 12 volt DC battery and charging adapter.

Self-contained portable unit is easy to carry and recharge.

Order today and you will be ready to start race after race with precision accuracy. 

All starters are shipped with a countdown timer display and three    

selectable pre-programmed starting sequences:                                                                                       

1) 5 Minute rule 26, rolling or single (5, 4, 1*, 0) 

2) 3 Minute Dinghy single (HS and College style)

3) 6 Minute single for recalls etc (6, 5, 4, 1*, 0)                                                                           

* RCFlag has adopted the Rule 26 long sound signal at 1 minute.   

Call us for other starting sequences.