Automatic Race Committee Timer / Starter
                                                                           All starters are shipped with a countdown timer display and three    
                                                                           selectable pre-programmed starting sequences:         
                                                                              1) 5 Minute rule 26, rolling or single (5, 4, 1*, 0) 
                                                                              2) 3 Minute Dinghy single (HS and College style)
                                                                              3) 6 Minute single for recalls etc  (6, 5, 4, 1*, 0)
                                                                           * RCFlag has adopted the Rule 26 long sound signal at 1 minute.

                                                                           Contact us for other starting sequences.

OS1 Rent Features:
Too Loud? Too Bad! Offshore unit is built with an extra measure of weatherproofing.        
Unit features a loud dual trumpet horn, a sealed 12 volt DC battery and charging adapter.
Self-contained portable unit is easy to carry and recharge. 
Rent the OS1 and you are ready to start race after race with precision accuracy.
                                                                                  RENT ME FOR YOUR REGATTA  
OS1RENT   Single Regatta  $85.00  + shipping*
* Rent the OS1 for a single regatta and return in the original box. Returned unit delivery
   not to exceed 10 total days from original shipment from RCFlag. US shipping $39.00 one way.